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Egypt: Article 55 Coalition documents 19 violations in July against detainees in prisons and detention centers

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The member organizations of the Article 55 Coalition have issued a bulletin on the violations documented in prisons and detention centers in Egypt, during the period from July 1 to July 31, 2023.


19 violations in July:

The Coalition organizations stated that they had documented 19 diverse violations, including; 6 deaths of detainees inside detention centers or prisons, 7 cases of medical negligence for detainees in critical conditions, 5 distress calls from prisoners in several prisons and detention centers, which included complaints of ill treatment, medical neglect, overcrowding in cells, and denial of exercise. There was also one distress call concerning visitation bans.

The Coalition emphasizes that the documented violations within Egyptian prisons and detention centers are not surprising, as they reflect the overall approach of the Egyptian authorities towards detainees, particularly political ones. It is a systematic approach and not just individual violations as alleged by the Egyptian Ministry of Interior.



The policy of impunity employed by the Egyptian authorities towards human rights violators within detention facilities has encouraged and fueled these practices, to the point where they have become standard operating procedures within the Egyptian prison administration. The Coalition has not seen any leadership or responsible individuals being held accountable or even reprimanded despite the documented and well-established violations that may have occurred.

The Coalition emphasized that these practices taking place inside prisons and detention centers in Egypt raise serious concerns about the fate of detainees, especially after the increase in the number of deaths inside detention centers recently, and the deteriorating conditions inside the prisons and detention centers.

The organizations of the Article 55 Coalition called for an investigation into these violations and holding those responsible accountable under the appropriate Egyptian and international law. They also demanded the application of the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners and the regulations of Egyptian prisons, and to stop violating them, and to provide living conditions that respect the humanity of the detainees.


Serious investigations demand:

At the conclusion of the bulletin, the Article 55 Coalition, demanded an investigation into these violations, and to hold those responsible accountable in accordance with Egyptian and international law, while adhering to the minimum standards set by the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners and the Egyptian prison regulations. Moreover, it demands an end to their violations and the provision of prison conditions that are compatible with the humanity of the detainees.

The Article 55 Coalition is a coalition consisting of 8 human rights organizations, formed to defend and implement Article 55 of the Egyptian Constitution, which states that (everyone who is arrested, imprisoned, or his freedom restricted should be treated in a way that preserves his dignity. He must not be tortured, intimidated, coerced, or physically or morally harmed, and he must only be detained or imprisoned in places designated for that purpose that are humane and healthily suitable ….).

The Coalition consists of (Committee for Justice (CFJ), El Shehab Center for Human Rights (SHR), Egyptian Network for Human Rights, Their Right, We Record, HuMENA for Human Rights and Civic Engagement, Arab Foundation for Civil and Political Rights-Nedal)

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