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Tunisia: CFJ condemns journalist Hussein Ben Omar’s referral for investigation regarding his media work

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Press release

Geneva – May 13, 2024


Tunisian journalist and media figure Hussein Ben Omar has been summoned to appear before the investigating judge at the Anti-Terrorism Pole on May 21st for questioning regarding his hosting of a live television program.

Ben Omar clarified that this new investigation stems from a statement made by a current detainee when questioned by an investigator in El Aouina, mentioning that he found a judicial document on the desk of the “Balmersad” program in the last episode. When asked by the show’s hosts, he replied, “Journalist Hussein Ben Omar,” leading to his summoning as a witness. Given that he has been residing

outside Tunisia since October 9, 2021, his status was changed from witness to suspect without any interrogation.

The Committee for Justice (CFJ) opposes the referral of Tunisian journalist and media figure Hussein Ben Omar for investigation on what appears to be charges related to his professional work as a journalist. The committee demands an end to arbitrary measures against him and ensures freedom of the press and media in the country.

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