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Mefreh: Everyone in Egypt is targeted, including children

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Edited by: Committee for Justice

Geneva: January 26, 2021  

The executive director of the Committee for Justice (CFJ)Ahmed Mefrehsaid that there are no red lines in Egypt now, and that everyone is being targeted by authorities, indicating that the regime has created a parallel judicial system in order to legalize the severe repression practiced there. 

In a statement cited in a report by the French magazine, Media Part, about the phenomenon of children being arrested in Egypt, Mefreh said“There is no longer any red line. Women, the elderly and children are no longer safe, as everything is permissible today in Egypt.” 

“Many children have been arrested to force their parents to surrender, or to retaliate against one of their loved ones in exile who strongly criticize the regime,” added CFJ’s executive director.

Mefreh also indicated that the Egyptian regime, in order to implement its severe repression, granted Al-Sisi the right to appoint judges and established a new parallel justice system.


“Judges who respect the law too much are confined to criminal cases, but the ones who are more repressive and biased to the regime have been chosen to form the special courts formally in charge of combating terrorism, but in reality they aim to stifle criticism.” 

CFJ has monitored 93 cases of arrest against children in the first half of 2020 only, all of them were subjected to ill-treatment during their detention, and 18 of them are still detained until 2021.

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