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Egypt: CFJ stands in solidarity with Sohag Drinking Water Company workers, calls for minimum wage implementation

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Press release

Geneva – March 31, 2024


Workers at the Holding Company for Potable Water and Sanitation in Sohag staged vigils on Tuesday, March 26, demanding wage scale restructuring and minimum wage implementation.

The protests, spanning five hours across company branches in Baliana, Juhayna, Akhmim, Dar es Salaam, and Sakelta, aimed to ensure fair compensation for all employees.

Currently, only workers in the fifth and sixth job grades benefit from the EGP 6,000 minimum wage, while others saw a mere EGP 300 increment. This disparity disrupts wage progression and echoes issues seen in Mahalla and the broader business sector.

Despite appeals to Chairman Engineer Mamdouh Raslan for career progression consideration, workers’ requests were disregarded, prompting the sit-ins.

“The Committee for Justice (CFJ) stands behind the demands of Holding Company for Potable Water and Sanitation employees in Sohag. Advocating for dialogue, CFJ emphasizes it as the optimal solution to address worker concerns and prevent disruptions in company operations. CFJ calls for the fair application of minimum wage, aligned with career progression, akin to their counterparts in Egypt’s public sector. #WorkerRights #Dialogue #FairWages”

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