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CFJ calls on Egyptian authorities to stop renewing El-Sayed Moshagheb’s detention and demands his release

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Press release

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Geneva: January 4, 2024


The Committee for Justice documented the Supreme State Security Prosecution in Egypt summoning El-Sayed Ali Fahim al-Azib (34 years old), known as ” El-Sayed Moshagheb Kabo,” a member of the “Ultras Zamalkawi” association, from his prison to interrogate him in a new case after the end of his prison term in what is known as the phenomenon of recycling (renewing) detention.

CFJ explained that “Kabo” was presented to the State Security Prosecution for investigation in Case No. 910 of 2021, which decided to detain him for 15 days pending investigation on charges of joining an illegal group and spreading false news.


– Renewing detention in 13 cases:

According to his lawyer, “Cabo” was transferred to the 10th Ramadan prison after the decision of the prosecution, which is a continuation of his suffering that began after his arrest on March 16, 2015, against the backdrop of the Air Defense Stadium incident that killed 20 fans of Zamalek Club.

During his detention that lasted for more than eight years, “Cabo” suffered from serious violations, as he was subjected to renewing detention with a large number of cases, amounting to 13 cases. Despite his innocence of all charges, he is still detained until now.


– Calls to stop renewed detention:

CFJ considered that the Egyptian authorities’ circumvention of the legal period of pretrial detention stipulated in Egyptian law by only two years, by placing defendants pending new cases, has become a systematic policy of the Egyptian authorities, calling for a review of the legal period of pretrial detention, with establish of firm controls for its implementation to ensure that this circumvention by the Egyptian authorities stops on it.

CFJ also demands that El-Sayed Ali Fahim al-Azib be immediately and unconditionally released or brought to trial with internationally recognized fair trial standards.

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