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Tunisia: CFJ condemns verdict against blogger Abdel Moneim Hafizi, calls for sentence suspension

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Press release

Geneva – March 14, 2024


The Committee for Justice (CFJ) has issued a strong condemnation following a Tunisian court’s verdict against blogger and human rights defender Abdel Moneim Hafidi on charges pertaining to freedom of expression. Hafidi was convicted under article 67 of the penal code, which relates to attributing derogatory statements to the President of the Republic.

CFJ decries the verdict as a blatant infringement on Hafidi’s right to freedom of expression, emphasizing that his opinions regarding the government system

should not be grounds for legal action. The committee calls for the immediate suspension of the sentence and urges a retrial that adheres to fair trial standards.

Additionally, CFJ criticizes the broader judicial approach, both by the Gafsa Public Prosecution and the judiciary, in prosecuting individuals based on their ideas, opinions, and positions. The use of legal provisions and decrees, such as Decree No. 54 of 2022, to curtail rights and freedoms is condemned by CFJ as well.

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