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Sudan: CFJ voices concern over arrest of journalist Haitham Dafallah, urges Immediate release and safeguarding of press freedom

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Press release

Geneva – March 4, 2024


The Committee for Justice (CFJ) expresses deep concern over the arrest of Haitham Mohamed Dafallah, the executive director of Al-Midan newspaper, by forces affiliated with the Rapid Support Militias in Sudan. As a prominent advocate for freedom of information and a vocal supporter for the release of detainees, Dafallah’s arrest on January 19 raises alarm about the state of press freedom in Sudan.

Dafallah was apprehended in front of his residence in the Al-Jarif West neighborhood in eastern Khartoum due to his journalistic activities. The CFJ

underscores its apprehension for the safety of the Sudanese journalist, given the lack of information about his current status and fate. The committee holds the Rapid Support Militias accountable for ensuring Dafallah’s safety and demands his immediate release.

In light of these developments, the CFJ calls for an end to restrictions and threats imposed on journalists and media professionals in Sudan. The committee emphasizes the vital importance of freedom of the press and media in upholding democratic values. The CFJ urges all parties involved in the conflict in Sudan to recognize and prioritize the significance of a free press and to refrain from actions that undermine this fundamental right.

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