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Egypt: CFJ launches ‘Political Trials Calendar’ for researchers and rights defenders

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The Committee for Justice has launched the Political Trials Calendar online tool to facilitate the search for the dates of the sessions of important human rights cases, and their latest developments in a simple and easily accessible way.
Since its establishment and defining its vision, mission, and strategic objectives, CFJ has focused on publishing and exchanging information about human rights and judicial violations in Egypt to provide an open-source information base for all human rights defenders and observers of Egyptian affairs.

In its quest to implement its goals, CFJ has launched several projects that were milestones in the human rights work process in Egypt, which included: the Corona meter, which documented the numbers of Covid-19 cases inside detention centers and facilities in Egypt, and the Justice Watch Archive project, which is the largest archive of human rights case files in Egypt and the region.

The calendar contains the case numbers, the names of the accused, the dates of the previous and future sessions, and a summary of what took place in these sessions, whether at courts or prosecutions.

The calendar also contains a summary of the cases and the accusations brought against the detainees, and some of the case papers -if available- along with an analytical summary of them.

The information contained in the calendar is based on observational information collected and revised from various media outlets, and the writings of lawyers, families of detainees, and individuals charged in these cases.

The calendar is updated regularly, and data is updated regularly and will enable researchers to locate the court/prosecution sessions on the map.

Note: The calendar is currently only available in Arabic, the English version will be launched soon.

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