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Human Rights Defenders Training Platform

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The Committee for Justice is proud to announce the establishment of the Human Rights Defenders Training Platform as part of its Human Rights Defenders Watch project.
Human Rights Defenders Watch supports those who are subjected to persecution, detention, prosecution and security harassment based on their peaceful human rights activity in defense of civil, political, economic and social rights, whether they are professionals, affiliated with organizations or freelancers.

Through this platform, CFJ aims to train and enhance the skills of human rights defenders interested in monitoring and documenting violations, in order to work to end the injustice against the victims, to define the extent and consequences of these violations on individuals and society as a whole, and to prevent impunity for those responsible for such violations and work to prevent their recurrence.

The first training course offered through the new platform is: Documenting and Verifying Human Rights Violations, which aims to familiarize the trainee with the process of documentation and verification, and define them as two terms through which human rights violations are monitored.

The basis for the two processes is data collection, methods of data collection, sources, fact-finding, and its purpose as a means of access to information.
The course also addresses ethical considerations during the fact-finding and documentation process, and the purpose of the documentation and verification process.
CFJ invites all lawyers, activists and human rights defenders to register on this platform via this link.

CFJ will protect the data of participants and their confidentiality, as no personal information is stored in cookies in the subscriber’s browser. Only session-related information will be saved, which is necessary for the normal operation of the website.


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