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Egypt: Strike by Volga Shoe Company workers in Ismailia amid calls for management to address employee demands

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Press release

Geneva – June 30, 2024


Workers at Volga International, a leather shoe manufacturing company located in the industrial zone of Ismailia, have declared a strike demanding salary adjustments and the application of the minimum wage.

The “Committee for Justice (CFJ) has reported that on Thursday, June 13, the workers initiated their strike due to unmet demands for wage adjustments. According to one of the striking workers, “The employees demanded the application of the minimum wage, leading the management to expel them from the premises.”

The workers stated that they sought assistance from the labor office responsible for the company’s location in Ismailia, but no intervention was made to resolve the issue.

CFJ has expressed its solidarity with the workers of Volga International, emphasizing that their strike is a recognized right under international agreements to which Egypt is a signatory. CFJ calls on the company’s management to engage in dialogue with the employees to ensure their fair demands are met and to maintain the smooth operation and stability of the company.

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