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Egypt: Public prosecutor sued over Mahienour El-Masry travel ban; CFJ urges constitutional adherence

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Geneva: September 6, 2023

Egyptian political activist and human rights lawyer, Mahienour El-Masry, has filed a lawsuit in the Administrative Court against the Egyptian Public Prosecutor and the Chief Prosecutor of the Supreme State Security Prosecution regarding her travel ban.

Refusal to Extract Official Documents:

In the lawsuit, Mahienour demanded the halt of the decision to not provide her with a certificate from the Supreme State Security Prosecution. This certificate would detail the period of her prior detention for trial in case number 855 of 2020, her release date, whether she was prohibited from traveling pending further investigations into that case, and any actions taken concerning charges leveled against her in the investigation of said case. It’s worth noting that Mahienour cannot travel abroad since the public prosecution unjustly withheld this certificate from her.


Human Rights Calls for Transparency:

The Committee for Justice (CFJ) condemns violations committed by the Egyptian authorities against the political activist and human rights lawyer, Mahienour El-Masry.

CFJ affirms that the freedom of movement and travel are fundamental human rights as enshrined in Article 62 of the Egyptian constitution. CFJ urges the Egyptian authorities to uphold the constitution, law, international charters, and treaties they’ve signed, handle the matter of Mahienour’s travel prohibition with transparency, clarify the genuine reasons for the restriction, and provide legal evidence that led to this ban or allow her to travel.

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