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Egypt: prison visit ban reimposed on lawyer Hoda Abdel Moneim amid health concerns

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Geneva: July 18, 2023

The administration of the Tenth of Ramadan Prison for Women in Sharqia, Egypt, has re-banned prison visit for human rights defender, lawyer, and former member of the National Council for Human Rights in Egypt, Hoda Abdel Moneim, after it had allowed it last month, for the first time since her detention and imprisonment.

Hoda’s daughter, Fadwa, said on her Facebook page: “We went to the rehabilitation center today to see mom, but we were denied the visit even though there are exceptional visits in the prison now. We barely managed to bring in the food… I really wished I could hug you, mom.”


Delayed release:

The daughter of the human rights defender and human rights lawyer, Hoda Abdel Moneim, revealed earlier that she had been prevented from visiting her for more than 3 months, despite the continuous deterioration in her health condition.

Abdel Moneim’s daughter reported the denial of visits to her for over 3 months, amid a continuous deterioration of her health condition. She also mentioned that the Administrative Judicial Court, handling the case, postponed the session requesting her mother’s health-based release for another four months, despite her mother’s severe health deterioration. This was done to obtain the opinion of the Commissioners’ Body.


Continued suffering:

Since her detention, Abdel Moneim has been experiencing severe deterioration in her health. She has suffered from severe knee osteoarthritis and cartilage erosion, rendering her unable to move or walk. She has also experienced a heart attack, high blood pressure, a blood clot in her left leg, and complete failure of her left kidney. Despite her condition, the prison administration has been stubborn in not transferring her to any external hospital for medical follow-up.

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