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Egypt: Health condition of detained journalist Ahmed Subai’ deteriorates

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Press release

Edited: Committee for Justice

Geneva: June 6, 2023


The Committee for Justice (CFJ) has documented the deterioration of the health condition of the Egyptian journalist, Ahmed Mohamed Subai‘, who is being held pending political cases in Badr Prison 3. He has been diagnosed with chronic heart disease.


Subai’s wife, Iman Mahrous, has revealed in a communication to the Syndicate of Journalists and the Egyptian Public Prosecutor that she had obtained information during her husband’s trial session on May 27, 2023, about his poor health; as he has been recently diagnosed with heart disease despite the fact that he was healthy before detention. Where he was included among the heart patients. His wife cited the poor detention conditions in Badr 3 and the lack of necessary healthcare as the reason for the deterioration of his health. 


Mahrous added that her husband suffers from other major problems with his knees, a herniated disc, erosion in some of the vertebrae of the spine, and severe vision impairment.


It is noteworthy that Subaie was banned from receiving visits for a period of 3 years, since his arrest on February 28, 2020 while he was taking part in a funeral.


CFJ condemns the deliberate health neglect suffered by Subai’ and calls on the administration of Badr 3 prison to provide him with the necessary health care, while improving his living conditions inside his prison.

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