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Egypt: CFJ urges Universal Co management to respect judicial rulings in favor of workers

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Press release

Geneva – March 18, 2024


The Committee for Justice (CFJ) has called upon the management of Universal Electrical Appliances Company to adhere to judicial rulings issued in favor of its employees and cease its intransigent behavior towards them.

CFJ has reported the refusal of Universal’s management to accommodate several of its workers, despite court rulings mandating their reinstatement, prompting the workers to pursue legal recourse against the company’s administration.

On March 7, 2024, seven employees of the company sought to enforce court orders directing their return to work and the payment of their financial entitlements, encompassing wages and bonuses from the time of their dismissal until the date of the ruling. However, the management declined to receive them, denying them entry and thereby failing to comply with the court’s directives.

In order to safeguard their rights, the workers lodged a complaint with the Labor Office in the October area, which has scheduled a meeting on March 28th to summon representatives from the company and explore possibilities for an amicable resolution. Additionally, a recorded telegraph was dispatched to the company’s president to notify him of the situation.

Previously, the workers initiated 60 legal proceedings against the company’s decisions to terminate their employment and delay the disbursement of their dues. In 55 cases, the Labor Chamber rejected the company’s dismissal orders and mandated the continuation of employment with the payment of overdue dues. In three additional cases, the court awarded compensation to workers for arbitrary dismissal, amounting to EGP 420,000, while two lawsuits concluded with reconciliation between the workers and the company’s management.

CFJ vehemently opposes the obstinacy displayed by Universal Electrical Appliances’ management in implementing court rulings favoring workers and urges them to honor and execute the decisions of the Egyptian judiciary without reservation.

Moreover, CFJ calls upon the October Labor Office to monitor the extent to which the company’s management complies with these rulings and to enforce appropriate penalties in cases of non-compliance, ensuring the protection of workers’ rights.ctor regulations.

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