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Egypt: CFJ documents death of citizen due to deliberate medical negligence in custody, toll hits 34 in 2023

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News briefing

By: Committee for Justice

Geneva: October 29th


The Committee for Justice has reported a new death of a political detainee inside Egyptian detention centers and prisons due to medical neglect. The victim, a political detainee at Al-Qanater prison named Ali Abdullah Abdul Ghafar Abdullah, 56 years old, from Alexandria Governorate. He passed away on Thursday, October 26, 2023. He had been detained since May 2021, suffered from diabetes, had his leg amputated inside the prison, and subsequently suffered from medical negligence.



Human rights demands to stop the deliberate medical neglect policy:

CFJ holds the Egyptian Ministry of Interior and the Prisons Authority fully responsible for his death and calls for transparent and impartial investigations into the circumstances and causes of the death, as well as the identification of those responsible and preventing them from impunity. CFJ also urges the Egyptian authorities to respect and implement international agreements and treaties, including the Nelson Mandela Rules for the protection of persons deprived of their liberty, and relevant international conventions and covenants.


34 deaths in 2023:

With the above case, the number of deaths documented by CFJ within Egyptian prisons and detention facilities since the beginning of 2023 has risen to 34. The most recent case was of a political detainee in Wadi Al-Natrun Prison 430 named Alhadi Mohmed Mohammed Alhadi, known as Alhadi Omran, 43 years old, from Adwa village in Sharqia Governorate , northeast of Egypt. He had been detained since 2016. CFJ was informed that Alhadi’s death was attributed to a rise in blood pressure, exacerbated by the prison administration’s purposeful delay in providing him necessary medical care, which resulted in his death.


Accurate information about death cases during detention in Egypt can be obtained through the Justice Watch Archive service provided by CFJ, which contains information about more than 14,000 victims and over 30,000 violations. It also monitors violations inside more than 500 places of detention in Egypt.

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