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CFJ denounces arrest of Tunisian trade union activist El-Sanky Al-Aswady, calls for Immediate release and dialogue

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Press release

Geneva – February 18, 2024


The Committee for Justice (CFJ) has condemned the recent arrest of trade union activist El-Sanky Al-Aswady, who serves as the Tunisian General Regional Labor Union secretary-general in Qasserine. Al-Aswady was apprehended by Tunisian authorities on Tuesday, February 6, and taken to the Aouina barracks.

Before his arrest, Al-Aswady had released a video asserting his innocence, emphasizing that his activities in the region were solely within the framework of exercising his right to union representation. He defended his actions as advocating for the rights of Qasserine and its constituents regarding development and the provision of essential facilities.

CFJ stands firmly in support of Al-Aswady and vehemently rejects what it considers arbitrary measures taken against him. CFJ demands his immediate release and denounces what it perceives as a pattern of intimidation and intentional distortion of trade unionists and workers’ rights defenders by Tunisian authorities.

CFJ urges the opening of channels for negotiation with the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) and calls for an end to the escalating tensions within the country’s social climate. CFJ emphasizes the importance of preserving the rights of trade union activists and fostering an environment conducive to constructive dialogue for the betterment of Tunisia’s labor landscape.

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