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Workers at Sharm El-Sheikh peacekeeping camp continue fourth Strike as CFJ Urges Positive Resolution

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Geneva – January 10, 2024


Employees of the Multinational Force camp in Sharm El-Sheikh, have entered the eighth day of their strike and sit-in, which commenced on January 3, 2024. The workers are protesting against inadequate wages and unsatisfactory living conditions within the camp.

This marks the fourth occasion the employees have resorted to strike action due to unaddressed grievances. The “Care Service” company, overseeing the camp, further exacerbated tensions by unilaterally reducing salaries by 33% for December, contrary to the workers’ initial demand for an increase. Additionally, the scheduled 57% temporary increase, negotiated with Director-General of the Multinational Force, Elizabeth Dibble in December, was annulled by the company.

Workers refute claims made by company officials that they received their full dues, alleging manipulation of records. Furthermore, threats of punitive measures and claims of barring access to the camp were issued by “Care Service” company management, a stance denied by an officer from the multinational force in Egypt. The workers had previously engaged in a two-day strike at the end of November 2023, with no satisfactory response from the company.

(CFJ) expresses solidarity with the legitimate demands of the Multinational Force camp employees, condemning the prolonged neglect of their grievances by “Care Service” company management since 2011. (CFJ) calls upon Egyptian authorities to respond positively to the workers’ demands, enforce the minimum wage mandated by Egyptian law, and consider seniority in wage structures, particularly for those with over 25 years of service.

(CFJ) emphasizes the need for a respectful and lawful resolution, advocates for the protection of workers’ rights and emphasizes the importance of adherence to labor laws and fair treatment.

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