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Tunisia: CFJ supporting journalist Mohamed Bou Ghaleb in his demand for a fair trial and an end to arbitrary measures against him

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Press release

Geneva – April 16, 2024


Tunisian journalist and human rights defender Mohamed Bou Ghaleb, from inside his detention, has urged for a fair trial without what he described as interference to prevent him from facing the charges against him.

In a message published on April 12, 2024, Bou Ghaleb affirmed his commitment to attend the trial scheduled for April 17, 2024, stating he is prepared to go to court crawling or even in a wheelchair.

The Tunisian journalist rejected the authorities’ measures aimed at preventing his appearance in court, vowing to entirely refrain from taking his diabetes and high

blood pressure medications and even go on a harsh hunger strike to ensure he faces justice.

Meanwhile, The Committee for Justice (CFJ) has expressed solidarity with Tunisian journalist Bou Ghaleb, calling for his release or for him to stand trial under internationally recognized fair trial standards, given the charges brought against him due to his critical stance on the need for accountability and respect for the law regarding ministers and their assistants traveling abroad, which he views as a violation of his right to freedom of expression.

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