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Tunisia: CFJ rejects referral of judge Bechir Akremi to court in new case, demands his release

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Press release

Geneva – June 27, 2024


The official spokesperson for the Tunis Court of Appeal, Habib Tarhani, announced on Tuesday that the court’s Tenth Accusation Chamber has referred Judge Bechir Akremi to the criminal chamber of the Tunis Court of First Instance. This referral is for prosecution on charges related to “forgery, possession, and use of forged documents.”

According to Tarhani, the case against Akremi involves allegations that he dismissed charges against two defendants, Hamza Al-Arfaoui and Seif Al-Arfaoui, in the case concerning the assassination of Shukri Belaid. Due to these allegations, a new detention order has been issued against Akremi.

Akremi’s lawyer, Hamadi Al-Zafrani, stated that the issuance of multiple detention orders (three so far) means his client will effectively remain imprisoned for life. Al-Zafrani claims that each time a detention order nears its expiration, a new one is issued based on new charges.

The Committee for Justice (CFJ) has expressed solidarity with Judge Akremi, denouncing the measures against him as arbitrary and seemingly related to his professional work as a judge. CFJ demands his immediate and unconditional release.

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