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Tunisia: CFJ notes delay in investigation of detained human rights lawyer Sania Al-Dhamani and demands her release

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Press release

Geneva – May 19, 2024


Attorney Abdelaziz Al-Sayd, representing detained human rights lawyer Sania Al-Dhamani, confirmed on Wednesday, May 15, that the interrogation of Al-Dhamani in the case referred under Decree No. 54 has been postponed to a later date.

According to Al-Sayd, the postponement was requested by Al-Dhamani’s defense team, and the next investigation session is scheduled for May 20.

Human rights lawyer Sania Al-Dhamani has been in custody since the night of Saturday, May 11, 2024, following her arrest at the Lawyer’s House in the capital, Tunisia. In previous statements on her Facebook page, Al-Dhamani indicated that

she reviewed the charges against her, which were brought by the public prosecutor concerning her comments on FM radio.

The Committee for Justice (CFJ) has denounces the deliberate targeting of Sania Al-Dhamani for her statements, citing a violation of the right to freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed by the Tunisian constitution and law, as well as international covenants signed by Tunisia. CFJ demands Al-Dhamani’s immediate and unconditional release.

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