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Tunisia: CFJ denounces investigation of journalist Mohamed Bou Ghellab for expressing views

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Press release

Geneva – March 24, 2024

Tunisian journalist Mohamed Bou Ghellab faces investigation by the Fifth Central Division of the National Guard in Aouina due to his expressed opinions, confirmed by his lawyer.

Despite presenting a medical certificate, Bou Ghellab was summoned, allegedly for critical remarks made on FM CAP regarding ministerial travels.

Bou Ghellab’s legal counsel highlights that these measures stem from his client’s advocacy for accountability and adherence to the law in ministerial trips abroad.

CFJ condemns the intimidation tactics employed by Tunisian authorities against media professionals and activists, asserting that investigation based on critical opinions violates fundamental rights, including freedom of expression.

CFJ urges authorities to cease targeting journalists and media workers, advocating for a conducive environment for their safe and effective practice.

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