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Sudan: Aid worker tortured to death by RSF in North Darfur amid calls for investigation

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Press release

Geneva – June 24, 2024


The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have reportedly tortured and killed voluntary aid worker Abdul Rahman Al-Hadi Adlan in their detention facilities in the town of Kabkabiya, 175 kilometers west of El Fasher, North Darfur.

Adlan was arrested by RSF in early June along with other citizens in Kabkabiya. He was accused of sending coordinates to warplanes that intermittently targeted the town.

According to a relative, Adlan’s body was returned to his family on June 6, bearing signs of stabbing, whipping, and a broken neck.

The Committee for Justice (CFJ) demands an investigation into Adlan’s death and calls for those responsible for his torture and murder to be held accountable and prevented from escaping justice.

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