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Egypt: Public Transport Authority dismisses five workers for alleged poor performance without due process

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Press release

Geneva – July 3, 2024


The Public Transport Authority in Egypt has issued an administrative decision to dismiss five workers on the grounds of weak job performance reports, despite not following the necessary legal procedures prior to their dismissal.

According to the Authority’s Decision No. 6265 of 2024, the dismissed employees are:

– Ahmed El-Sayed Ibrahim, a driver in the “Athar El-Nabi” area.

– Islam Mahmoud Mohamed, also a driver in the “Athar El-Nabi” area.

– Mohamed Taj El-Din Mahmoud, a driver in the “Athar El-Nabi” area.

– Abdel Nasser Hussein Mansour, a conductor in the “Athar El-Nabi” area.

– Nasser Mohamed El-Sayed, a conductor in the “El-Moneeb” area.

The Human Resources Committee of the Authority issued its decision on May 30, 2024, to terminate the services of the five workers, citing their annual performance evaluations as “weak.” The management of the Authority approved the committee’s decision and issued the dismissal order on June 11, 2024.

The Committee for Justice (CFJ) has expressed solidarity with the five workers, calling on the Egyptian Public Transport Authority to adhere to the law and revoke the dismissal decision, which it deems arbitrary and unlawful. CFJ demands the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of the workers.

CFJ points out that, according to Egyptian labor laws, the Authority violated regulatory procedures required for dismissing an employee. The five workers were not informed of their annual report results, nor were they officially warned if they had neglected their job duties. Additionally, their periodic bonuses were not halved despite receiving poor performance evaluations for two consecutive years, and no attempts were made to find suitable alternative positions or retrain them.

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