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Egypt: CFJ observes protest by employees dismissed due to drug testing law, calls for suspension and review of law

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Press release

Geneva – May 28, 2024


Former employees in Egypt, dismissed under drug testing regulations, staged a protest on Sunday, May 18, 2024, in front of the parliament building, demanding amendments to Law No. 73 of 2021.

The Egyptian authorities have been using this law to terminate government employees if drug use is detected through medical tests, which have been criticized for their inaccuracy, particularly affecting individuals on medication for chronic illnesses.

After the protest, the affected employees proceeded to the Cabinet building to submit complaints and call for changes to the law, citing wrongful dismissals of thousands due to inaccurate test results. Previously, on Labor Day, government employees held a protest at the Conservative Party headquarters, denouncing the random and inaccurate drug test reports that led to wrongful terminations.

The Committee for Justice (CFJ) states that this law conflicts with the Egyptian Constitution and fundamental human rights. The constitution guarantees personal freedom and the right to treatment, which is compromised by mandatory drug testing for current and prospective government employees. The law also violates privacy and the confidentiality of test results.

Therefore, CFJ calls for the immediate suspension of this law and the cessation of all related procedures and decisions. CFJ urge a review of the law to assess its compliance with international and UN treaties to which Egypt is a signatory.

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