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Egypt: CFJ monitored another political detainee death in Minya prison

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Press release

Geneva – March 17, 2024


The Committee for Justice (CFJ) has monitored another death of a political detainee, Hassan Hussein Abdel Latif Hamida, aged 60, inside Minya Public Prison in Egypt. This tragic incident adds to a concerning trend of fatalities within Egypt’s detention facilities, prompting calls for accountability and justice.

Hassan Hussein Abdel Latif Hamida, a resident of Zawiya Al-Jadami in Minya Governorate and a Ministry of Health clerk, passed away on Friday, March 1, 2024, while in custody awaiting trial on political charges. His death marks the ninth such incident reported by CFJ in 2024, highlighting systemic concerns within Egypt’s prison system.

CFJ vehemently condemns Hamida’s death and holds Egyptian authorities, including the Ministry of Interior and Prisons Authority, accountable. The

organization urges a thorough investigation to uncover the circumstances surrounding his demise and calls for the prosecution of those responsible to prevent further impunity.

This recent fatality underscores broader issues of human rights violations and inadequate conditions within Egyptian detention centers. It follows the case of Ahmed Muhammad Abu Al-Yazid Al-Beltagy, a political detainee who died in Abu Zaabal prison after experiencing enforced disappearance and prolonged pretrial detention.

CFJ underscores its commitment to justice through its Justice Monitoring Archive, which contains detailed information on over 14,000 victims, cataloging more than 30,000 violations and offenses within 500 detention facilities in Egypt. The organization reiterates the imperative need for accountability and transparency, emphasizing the adherence to international human rights standards to safeguard the well-being of detainees and avert any further loss of life.

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