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Egypt: CFJ documents death of citizen due to deliberate medical negligence in custody

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News briefing

By: Committee for Justice

Geneva: January 8, 2024


The Committee for Justice has reported a new death of a political detainee inside Egyptian detention centers and prisons due to medical neglect who was held in the Badr prison complex.


– Two deaths due to deliberate medical neglect:

CFJ said that the case of death was that lawyer Mohamed El-Sherbiny Ali Al-Sayed (58 years old), from Sherbin in Dakahlia Governorate, who was declared dead on Saturday, January 6, 2024, inside the Badr Prison Complex Hospital, to which he was transferred for an atomic survey due to his infection with several diseases inside his prison, including some tumors. Shockingly, the prison administration allegedly obstructed the provision of essential medication, contributing to his untimely demise.


– Human rights demands to stop the policy of deliberate medical neglect:

CFJ holds the Egyptian Ministry of Interior and the IPS fully responsible for this case of death and calls for transparent and impartial investigations to identify those accountable for the medical negligence leading to the detainees’ demise.

The Committee also calls on the Egyptian authorities to respect and implement international conventions and treaties, the most important of which are the “Mandela Rules” for the protection of persons deprived of liberty and to stop the policy of deliberate medical negligence against political detainees inside detention facilities, and calling the authorities to stop ignoring the demand to improve the living standard of detainees in their custody and to apply alternatives of pretrial detention to the elderly and sick or release them.


Accurate information about death cases during detention in Egypt can be obtained through the Justice Watch Archive service provided by CFJ, which contains information about more than 14,000 victims and over 30,000 violations. It also monitors violations inside more than 500 places of detention in Egypt.

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