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Egypt: CFJ denounces trial of lawyer and rights advocate Osama Mohamed Morsi in connection with new cases that occurred during his detention

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Press Release

Written by: The Committee for Justice

Geneva: September 24, 2023


The Supreme State Security Prosecution in Egypt has investigated the lawyer and human rights advocate, and son of the former President Mohamed Morsi, Osama Mohamed Morsi, concerning a new case numbered 1096 for the year 2022, even though he has been detained since 2016 due to a judicial ruling.


Political Revenge:

Osama Morsi asserts that the investigation against him is an ongoing political revenge simply because he is the son of the former president Mohamed Morsi, emphasizing his rejection of the recycling of cases and his detention. The lawyer and human rights advocate, Osama Mohamed Morsi, was detained on December 8, 2016, from his home in the city of Zagazig, Sharqia governorate. He was sentenced to ten years in prison in the Rabaa al-Adawiya sit-in dispersal case. He was initially held in the maximum-security Aqrab Prison before it was closed, and all the inmates were transferred to other prisons. He was denied visitation rights, and his family was only allowed to visit him once at the end of 2017, where they saw Osama through a glass barrier. Morsi left his solitary cell only twice: the first time on June 17, 2019, to bury his father, and the second on September 4, 2019, to bury his younger brother Abdullah.


Rejection of proceedings and calls to halt them:

The Committee for Justice has expressed concerns over these proceedings, questioning the legitimacy of allegations made for events in 2022 when Morsi has been under solitary confinement since 2016. CFJ is actively advocating for the cessation of arbitrary actions against Morsi. CFJ further urges the Egyptian judicial system to reconsider the use of extended pretrial detention, especially against political opponents and human rights advocates, promoting the adoption of legal alternatives.

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