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Egypt: CFJ condemns renewal of detention for Human Rights Defender Moaz al-Sharqawi, amid denying lawyers access to investigation files

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Geneva: July 18, 2023

The State Security Prosecution has decided to extend the detention of Moaz Najah Mansour al-Sharqawi, an Egyptian human rights activist, for an additional 15 days in connection with Case No. 540 of 2023/State Security Investigation. He is facing charges of joining a terrorist group and committing crimes related to financing terrorism.

The Committee for Justice (CFJ) has reported the remote renewal of Al-Sharqawi’s detention through video conferencing, while his defense team was denied access to the case files despite their rightful demand to examine the documents and provide a defense, as stipulated by the law.

Appeals to the state security prosecution:

CFJ demands the Egyptian authorities to stop the practice of remote detention or trial via video conferencing, as it undermines the defendant’s right to appear before the investigating authority or a judge, violating the principles of a fair trial. CFJ also calls on the State Security Prosecution to fulfill its duty in upholding the rule of law and defending it, rather than turning a blind eye to violations faced by the defendants or preventing their defense from performing their duties.

Previously, Al-Sharqawi had complained during a previous detention renewal about being held in solitary confinement since his arrival at the prison on June 3rd. He had appeared after nearly 24 days of enforced disappearance, and the prosecution had disregarded his complaints, showing no interest in addressing the matter.

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