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Egypt: CFJ condemns death sentences against 4 defendants and calls on authorities to halt executions

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News briefing

By: The Committee for Justice

Geneva: June 27, 2023


The Supreme State Security Criminal Court (Third Terrorism Circuit), held in the Badr Courts Complex, headed by Judge Wajdi Mohammad Abdel Moneim, and the membership of Judges Wael Mohammad Omran and Hossam El Din Fathi, issued a death sentence for four defendants in Case No. 19812 of 2022 Al-Nozha felonies, registered as 347 of the year 2022 Supreme State

Security felonies, known in the media as the “Sudan Terrorist Province” case, in which 9 defendants are accused – of whom 7 are detained.


The individuals who have been sentenced to death are as follows:

Ahmed Mohammad Rashad Ahmed (23 years old) – owner of a real estate company, currently imprisoned.

Mohammad Mohammad Ibrahim Hussein Qassem (23 years old) – real estate broker, currently imprisoned.

Mohammad Ahmed Fouad Al-Sayed Suleiman (31 years old) – a student who is currently at large.

Saad Al-Desouki Al-Sayed Mohammad (46 years old) – a radiologist who is currently at large.

Additionally, the court has ruled that one defendant be sentenced to life imprisonment, while three other defendants have been given rigorous imprisonment for a period of 10 years. One defendant received a sentence of rigorous imprisonment for 3 years. The court’s decision is in accordance with Law No. 8 of 2015 regarding terrorist entities and terrorists, and the convicted individuals are obligated to pay the criminal expenses.


Terrorism accusations:

The defendants faced multiple charges as outlined by the Supreme State Security Prosecution, including:

· – Leading a terrorist group established in violation of the constitution and the law between 2019 and 2022, in the governorates of Sharkia and Cairo.

· – Joining a terrorist group affiliated with Daesh with the intention of overthrowing the government system, attacking police personnel and public facilities, undermining national unity and social peace, and impeding the work of public authorities and state institutions, as well as violating the personal freedom of citizens.

CFJ strongly condemns these death sentences, which were handed down by an extraordinary court utilizing the provisions of an exceptional law. This approach undermines internationally recognized standards of fair trials. CFJ calls for a retrial of the defendants before their rightful judge and within a court that adheres to fair trial standards.


Furthermore, CFJ urges the Egyptian authorities to cease issuing mass death sentences and consider halting the application of the death penalty. This aligns with the obligations and commitments Egypt has undertaken as a signatory to various UN and international agreements.

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