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Egypt: CFJ condemns arrests of demonstrators in Alexandria, calls for immediate release

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Press release

Geneva – March 17, 2024


Security forces in Alexandria, Egypt, detained numerous citizens on Friday, March 15, 2024, during a protest against the escalating cost of living.

In the Dekheila area of Alexandria, security forces apprehended scores of individuals participating in a demonstration decrying economic hardships plaguing the nation. The protesters voiced grievances over rising prices and deteriorating living standards, encapsulated in slogans such as “You made us hungry, Sisi.” CFJ monitored the dispersal of the protest by Egyptian police, followed by the transfer of detainees to the National Security headquarters in the Abis area for interrogation.

CFJ condemns the arrest of these citizens for exercising their fundamental right to express their opinions peacefully. The organization calls upon Egyptian authorities to clarify the status of the detainees, advocating for their immediate release and an end to the suppression of peaceful demonstrations.

Moreover, CFJ urges a review of Law No. 107 of 2013, commonly known as the Anti-Demonstration Law, which governs public gatherings and protests. The organization emphasizes aligning this law with international agreements on freedom of expression and peaceful assembly to ensure compliance with human rights standards.

As tensions persist in Egypt amid economic turmoil, the treatment of demonstrators underscores broader concerns regarding civil liberties and governmental accountability

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