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Committee for Justice launches new website

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CFJ is launching its new website interface on the internet, aimed at highlighting the services it provides to human rights defenders, such as lifting the injustice from victims, exposing perpetrators of human rights violations, and working towards holding them accountable.


Through the new website interface, users can access multiple services aimed at raising societal awareness of human rights conditions in the countries covered by the organization. It provides documented information directly and simply to all those interested in human rights issues.


One of the most important services provided by CFJ is the Justice Watch Archive service, which is the first database in the Middle East that provides free information and documents about human rights to maintain the right to knowledge for the community and shed light on violations within the justice system in Egypt. It includes statistical data on more than 14,000 victims and more than 30,000 violations.


The website also includes a Political Trials Calendar, which contains the most important human rights cases pending in various courts or prosecutors, as well as the names of the defendants, previous and upcoming session dates, and a summary of what happened in these sessions. It is regularly updated, and a new service is available, which is a copy of the agenda in English.


To highlight the projects that CFJ is working on, each project has been placed in a separate section that explains the nature of the project, the services it provides, and the methodology that the organization uses to implement the activities and services of each project. Additionally, a separate section has been added to explain the most important alliances through which CFJ works with local and international partner organizations to contribute to human rights work.


Followers can access the most important and comprehensive project data, the Detention Justice project, which seeks to raise awareness of the rights of detainees and encourage civil society to practice self-monitoring of detention centers and facilities in Egypt. The Right to Fair Trials project analyzes the stages of trials to provide reports on patterns of violations, contributing to the presence of an independent judicial system in Egypt.


The organization also highlighted its latest project, “Justice for Human Rights Defenders,” as an important and effective means of providing support to human rights defenders and achieving justice and protection for them. Through the project, human rights defenders who are at risk or likely to be at risk can request assistance from the organization through a support request form on the website. The project also provides a platform for justice training, through which human rights defenders can enhance their legal skills.


CFJ did not limit itself to changes in the website interface, but also expanded its media activities through various social media platforms. New pages were created for the organization, including the CFJ page on Instagram, so that a larger number of interested individuals in different communities could keep up with the latest human rights developments in Egypt and the Human Rights Council.


Finally, all of the changes that CFJ aims to achieve are in service of human rights and civil space in the countries it covers. Its primary goal is to raise awareness of human rights, serve victims of injustice, and continue to strive towards achieving this goal.

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