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CFJ launches ‘Labor Justice’ project to raise awareness of Egyptian workers’ rights

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The Committee for Justice (CFJ) stated that workers are the backbone of any economic system and a fundamental element in any political structure. Equal opportunities and justice in the workforce are crucial to ensuring workers are provided with their full rights.

However, the labor situation in Egypt is plagued by consecutive crises. Egyptian workers find themselves trapped between the crushing economic crisis, which has significantly impacted employment sectors, and oppressive security measures against any labor movement aimed at asserting workers’ rights. This scenario unfolds while the system protects businessmen and investors at the workers’ expense.

As the economic crisis deepens, numerous companies experiencing financial difficulties have witnessed worker strikes, such as at Beshay Steel and Kiriazi companies. The Egyptian authorities have responded to these crises with pure security solutions, without addressing their root causes. They have resorted to arresting several workers, breaking up strikes, and refusing to permit any new strikes.

In pursuit of justice in the workforce and securing workers their rightful benefits in line with international and UN laws, CFJ is pleased to launch its “Labor Justice” project. This initiative aims to raise local and international awareness of workers’ rights in Egypt and explore ways to achieve justice for the nation’s labor force.

The approach adopted by CFJ includes effective communication with the international community, including the International Labor Organization and relevant UN bodies, to amplify the voices of aggrieved workers and lobby for their rights. This will be accomplished by documenting labor market abuses in Egypt and highlighting the dynamics of local laws and policies impacting workers’ rights concerning international human rights principles and agreements.

The project aims to engage the international community, particularly the ILO, to stay updated on the state of local workers’ rights and contribute to their improvement.

Indeed, labor justice is the solution to many problems in work sectors across many developing countries, including Egypt. Therefore, striving to achieve it will be the ultimate goal of CFJ through this project.

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