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CFJ is seeking justice for victims of human rights violations in Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa, through raising awareness of the current situation, and supporting human rights stakeholders to contribute to enhance the Judicial system and helping the victims.

Our Projects

Detention Justice card
Through this project, CFJ is seeks to contribute to the prevention of impunity for perpetrators of human rights violations in places of detention.

HRD are the backbone of supporting victims of human rights, and with the recent repression, they have become victims themselves.

We are concerned with the systematic violations of human rights in both the military & civilian judiciary, especially the Emergency Supreme State Security Courts & Terrorism Circuits.
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CFJ is concerened with strenghtening communication with the international community and UN human rights mechanisms to keep them updated on the human rights situation.

Our Services

Justice watch archive

Online archiving system of information on victims of human rights violations

Justice watch archive

We aim at nourishing the capacities of human rights defenders, activists, and human rights lawyers with educational content

Justice watch archive

Our goal is to build a database of Human rights information and documents

Justice watch archive

an online service that provides upcoming dates of the sessions of political cases in Egyptian courts and their results