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'Not just Giulio Regeni': hundreds have died in Egyptian custody, says report

The number of people dying in Egyptian detention centres rose by a further 100 in 2020, taking the total number of deaths over 1,000 since the Egyptian dictatorship seized power in 2013, a new report says.

Egitto, report sui ‘Giulio Regeni egiziani’: 1058 morti nelle mani dello Stato nell’epoca al-Sisi. La maggior parte per torture e mancate cure

In un report di 53 pagine presentato nei giorni scorsi a Ginevra, il Cfj, Committee for Justice, inchioda alle proprie responsabilità l’apparato repressivo del Paese dei Faraoni nei confronti dei detenuti. Solo nei primi 10 mesi del 2020 i decessi sono stati 100

Saudi, Egyptian crackdowns signal collision with Biden agenda

With an incoming U.S. administration promising drastic changes to Mideast policy, putting human rights at the forefront, expectations have risen among observers and even U.S. diplomats that America’s Arab allies will adjust to prevent a clash with Washington.